Best Badminton Racket Review 2021 – Best for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

No matter how skillful player you are, if you don’t have the best badminton racket to support you in the game it won’t always be a piece of cake for you to win the game.

Badminton racket plays a vital role in a game so this is not something you should compromise about.

But choosing a good racket is a tiresome and confusing task, isn’t it? There is so much to know about the racket if you want to pick the best one for you.

Thus, today I will be making this task easy for you. Yes, you heard me right. Today I will present some of the best rackets for all types of players.

So, in this blog, you will find a variety of best brands and information regarding badminton rackets and their brands. Hopefully, this will help you to choose.

After days of research, I finally found some of the best rackets and gathered them on this list. I even prepared an informative buying guide for you so you won’t face any difficulties picking the right racket for you.

Best Badminton Racket For Beginners

There are hundreds or even thousands of badminton rackets out there but you can limit your choice to just a few chosen models. Now, I am giving you 6 best rackets for beginners that are going to be the most widely-used in recent time.

1senston n80 badminton racketSenston N8079gCheck Price
2dynamic shuttle sports ares red 68 badminton racketDynamic Shuttle Sports Ares Red 6868g ± 2gCheck Price
3yonex carbonex badminton racketYonex Carbonex85g – 90gCheck Price
4yonex basic 4000 badminton racketYonex Basic 400094gCheck Price
5ultra light badminton racketUltra-light Badminton Racket80gCheck Price
6yonex nanoray 20 badminton racketYonex Nanoray 2085g-89gCheck Price

Now starting the real detailed review about each product, I’m presenting you with all the information about the products above.

1. Senston N80

New to this game? Want a reliable racket that will support you and is easy to use? Senston can be the answer to this. Senston N80 is a graphite lightweight racket suitable for beginners.

Tshaped joint and graphite built

Firstly, this racket has amazing stability and strength. In addition, it is made with complete graphite along with solid built-in T-shaped joints

Squarehead isometric shape frame

Talking about stability reminds me of this racket’s other excellent trait that is flexibility. Besides that, the square-head isometric shape frame made with nanometer technology allows the racket to handle stringing up to 18 pounds up to 28 pounds. This makes the racket flexible and powerful enough to ace any match.

Carry bag

Lastly, we have the carry bag for easy movements. The racket itself is quite lightweight weighing only 79g so you will barely feel any weight or shoulder pain while playing with this one.

To sum this all up in a few words, Senston N80 will provide stability, strength, flexibility and high-precision control, avoiding all kinds for deformation for better performance


  • Lightweight
  • High quality and good tension
  • Good for those who are on a tight budget
  • Good customer service
  • Suitable for offensive players


  • Isn’t long-lasting
  • The grip can come off

2. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Ares Red 68

On the second spot, I have Ares red 68. It is strongly recommended for those who love playing strong and powerful shots. The reasons why you will love this racket are:

 Ultrahigh modulus Japanese Toray carbon fiber

This is the best quality about this racket. Even though its lightweight, it is still strong thanks to ultra-high-modulus Toray carbon fiber built. Furthermore, the strings can handle tension up to 30lbs and the racket is pre-strung at 24lbs tension.

Increased speed of swing

If you are a fan of strong shots and used to counter-attack thee hard hitters this racket is all you need then. The racket increases the speed of the swing by up to 10% since offensive players require more speed during matches.


And last but not least you will get two free overgrips for better grips and a carry bag for portability.

Overall this racket works effectively for both offensive and defensive players and is a good choice for all the new beginner players.


  • Can be wound in many ways
  • Very lightweight and easily adjustable
  • Has a smaller grip
  • Lessens the strain on shoulder muscles
  • Best value for money


  • Grip wears out fast
  • May not withstand the tension at 26lbs


Yonex is a brand you can trust completely and this racket is living up to its name. As it ensures more control than other brands, it will allow you to have higher shots. Also, this racket is suitable for all types of players and not just beginners.

antislip tape grip

starting with its grip, you will get a strong firm grip with anti-slip tape that will allow you to reach higher shots at ease. As a result, this will make sure good performance quality in the game.

Shape and string

The oval-shaped head gives you more area with its box-shape frame cross-section. That is why this will give the player a solid control over the racket.

On top of that, you will get tight strings that will ensure you never lose any points.

Suitable for all kinds of players

Moreover, this racket is suitable for all kinds of players, not just beginners. Due to its fantastic control, durability and sturdiness you can use it for matches and practice both of them.

So no wonder you will get results from this racket. This racket is the best to start your badminton training with.


  • Evenly balanced provides good defense
  • Value for money
  • Very durable
  • Oval-shaped head
  • Proper weight alignment


  • Doesn’t generate much power
  • The shaft can be found broken

4. YONEX Basic 4000

YONEX Basic 4000 is considered to be good for beginner players for casual practice. However, you shouldn’t get too excited about this one as it may have some drawbacks.  But overall it’s a pretty decent racket to start the game with.


Talking about grip, let me inform you that the grip works pretty well. So, it will help you to reach higher shots easily. However the grip may start to come off soon, but regardless of that, the grip does work very decent.

Steel shaft

Another thing that is notable in this racket is the heavy(the racket weighs 94g) steel shaft. Now, this can be considered as a drawback but, thanks to its design it provides you enough amount of freedom in movements.

Also, the string tension is about 20 lbs which are adequate for beginner players.

After all of this, I can say this is a racket with a good balance for all the noob players out there even with all its drawbacks.


  • Provides nice balance
  • Limited features yet good enough
  • String tension is good
  • Works well for noob players
  • The design allows the player to have freedom in movements


  • The grip can come off soon
  • Not meant for professional use.

5. Ultra-light Badminton Racket

This racket is a combination of nice grip, lightweight, and comfort. Both defensive and offensive players can use it also it gives you accurate hits.


You will love the grip of this racket. You can find a soft rubber on the handle, this gives you comfort while holding it. It will help you reach higher shots.

Carbon built

Another interesting fact about this is the carbon built and strong net. The carbon built makes the racket lightweight(80g), and easy to get faster speed.

Besides, you will barely have any racket bending issues in the middle of a game.

Similarly, the net is beneficial like carbon built. The firm strong nets have 24lbs tension adequately enough tight for strong hits.

However the price might be too high, especially the built material doesn’t match the high price of the racket

In conclusion, this is probably one of the finest rackets you will get and is a must-try for casual practice.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy built
  • Good for midcourt and netplay
  • Suitable for kids
  • Great grip.


  • Doesn’t justify the price
  • It can turn out fragile.


Looking for a racket with good value for a cheap price?

Well, this might be your answer. Yonex nanoray 20 provides great swing technique to the beginner players since they need to develop skills first.

Graphite built

The racket is built completely with graphite carbon. Therefore, this increases the repulsion power and toughness for sharper drive shots and improved strength.

Not to mention built-in T-joint is present too that makes the racket torque-free.

Lightweight and affordable

This is a must-try for the beginners who want a budget-friendly racket. The racket as a whole is freaking lightweight(85g-89g) that gives you the liberty to move the way you want.

Although, it comes under low price and is lightweight yet the racket did not compromise with its quality. This is probably the most durable racket you will find for beginners.

So you can see this is an all in all dealings.


  • Fast and powerful
  • Best for offensive players
  • Lightweight
  • Evenly balanced
  • Durable


  • The grip can wear out easily
  • String tension isn’t much good

Best Badminton Rackets For Intermediate Players

Now we are going to talk about some rackets for intermediate players.

1yonex badminton racket muscle powerYonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power98gCheck Price
2Carlton Kinesis Badminton RacketCarlton Kinesis86gCheck Price
3yonex astrox 77g5 badminton racketYonex Astrox 77 G583gCheck Price
4yonex 3u g4 nanoray d1 badminton racketYonex 3U-G4 Nanoray D183gCheck Price
5yonex duora z strike badminton racketYonex Duora Z-Strike85gCheck Price
6yonex astrox 7 badminton racketYonex Astrox 783gCheck Price

1. Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power

Yonex badminton muscle power racket is designed to reduce the stress and fatigue for the player to have a comfortable game-play. That is why, with this racket, you will have more increased consistency in your match.


Firstly, you will get in an isometric frame shape. Since the isometric frame keeps vertical strings and horizontal strings at a similar length you will have a more sweet spot in all directions.

Muscle power

If you love playing smashes you should check this racket out because muscle power creates total unity of the string and frame for tighter contact. That helps to reduce stress and fatigue and you can play strong hits and smashes like a piece of cake.

As well as the shaft of the racket is graphite-made. So the whole racket is sturdy, reliable, and very lightweight. The price is within your reach too.


  • Works pretty well for medium players and smashers.
  • Good for backhand shots
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long shaft reduces the impact


  • The shipping can be poor.
  • May not be long-lasting.

2. CARLTON Kinesis

Carlton kinesis racket is ideal for intermediate players who want to excel in their game. Because of its narrow frame, lightweight and sturdy built you will be able to deliver your highest performance.


Firstly, this racket only weighs 86g. That means, it is extremely lightweight as well as the control of this racket is marvelous.

Because control is an essential factor for the advanced players as you have to swing and move a lot in a badminton match.

Midflex shaft

Secondly, you will get a shaft that is flexible enough to move around and also doesn’t flex too much. This kind of shaft is best for attacking play and you can move fast against your opponent with this.


Lastly, you will be able to move faster with less stress and exhaust thanks to its aerodynamics. The racket cuts through the air effortlessly enabling you to transfer most of your swing force to hitting the shuttle.

However, the string tension might not be accurate but this is an all in all racket and worth your money.


  • Will suit your playing style
  • Flexible enough
  • Narrow frame
  • Sturdy built
  • Lightweight


  • String tension may not be accurate.
  • Might come in broken pieces.

3. YONEX Astrox 77 G5

Yonex astrox 77 comes with full-length cover and control over your movements. It will help you adapt to any situation during a match to make your game-play smooth.


Just like the other models of Yonex, this is a freaking lightweight and well-balanced racket aimed for intermediate players. So, you will feel the comfort in your wrist and forearm while using this racket.

Great performance

Again, this has great performance at backswing shots and good control. Besides, it will lessen the fatigue and help you to have swift movements.  The racket shaft is made of graphite and the shaft is mid-flex for better backswings.

Although this is good at backswings it may lag at being powerful. The string tension is 25lbs which might not be enough for some advanced players. But then again, it is worth a try.


  • Ideal for long rallies
  • Lightweight
  • Great at swing shots
  • Mid-flex means not too stiff or not too wobbly
  • Lessens fatigue


  • Not that powerful
  • It can be a bit expensive.

4. YONEX 3U-G4 Nanoray D1

This is suitable for the swift players who want fast pace and swing in their movements. Since it is lightweight you can move it around easily.

Lightweight and fast speed

Nanoray is designed especially for players to have fast repulsion and high speed at the game. The full graphite made built makes the racket light to carry and you can have whatever you pace you want with this.

T shaped joint

Also, this has a t shaped joints, with the t shaped joint you will have strength, flexibility, and stability in your hands. On top of that, the cost is under your reach.

Then again the racket has major cons too like the whole built quality can turn out poor, and may seem like its made of cheap materials.


  • Lightweight
  • Better drive shots
  • Fast repulsion and power
  • Sturdy construction
  • T-shaped joint built


  • Uses cheap materials
  • It may not last long.

5. YONEX Duora Z-Strike

If we compare all the rackets Yonex made, this would probably stand out the most. Not only this 3U 4G racket is comfortable but also this delivers pretty high performance. Even though the racket is on the stiff side but it surely does gives off a great feeling.


Because of this racket you will have plenty of power during your game-play. In addition, the box frame of the racket gives quick and clear shots for that you can be swift in the court.


Another amazing quality of this racket is the smashing. If you love playing smashes this is the perfect racket for you. Due to the box frame, you will be able to deliver strong solid hits in the game.


The net of this racket may not be the best but it doesn’t disappoint you either. This won’t cause any major damage in your game-play

However, finding the spare parts of this racket can be really difficult that can be considered as a big issue as spare parts of a racket should always be available.

Nonetheless, this is a strongly recommended racket for the intermediate players for better game-play experience.


  • Great performance
  • Plenty of power
  • Good for both offensive players and defensive players
  • Evenly balanced
  • Value for the price.


  • Less sweet spot
  • Handle slightly longer

6. Yonex Astrox 7

Yonex is a great choice for intermediate level offensive players. Also, the balanced head of the racket helps you to have full control over your moves and attack with power against each shot.

Rotational Generator System

This is a new and special feature of this racket.  In fact, this is a weight distribution system where the weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint.

As a result, you will have maximum control and smooth transitions.

Isometric frame shape

Thanks to its isometric frame shape you will have an expanded sweet spot in all directions because the strings stay in a similar length next to each other.

Lastly, the T-joint and graphite built are present to increase stability durability.


  • Great for quick smashes
  • High quality
  • Easy maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum control


  • Strings can break easily
  • Slightly head heavy

Best Badminton Rackets For Advanced Players

Now we have come to the last segment of our reviews which are the rackets for advanced players. As I said earlier, even here,  we tried to find the best rackets for the advanced players.

1young enviro star professional badminton racketYoung ENVIRO Star Professional Badminton Racket84gCheck Price
2yang yang professional seriesYANG-YANG Professional Series86gCheck Price
3yonex astrox 88 badminton racketYonex Astrox 88 D/Y83gCheck Price
4victor sport thruster f badminton racketVictor Sport Thruster F87gCheck Price
5yonex nanoray z speed badminton racketYonex Nanoray Z Speed89gCheck Price
6LI-NING Badminton Racket G-ForceLI-NING Badminton Racket G-ForceLess than 80gCheck Price

1. Young ENVIRO Star Professional Badminton Racket

This is on top of our list thanks to its well-made features. weighing only 84g, this is one of the lightest rackets you will find in the market for advanced players.


This is a lightweight racket with graphite built shaft weighing only 84g. Also, this comes with at-joint built in that gives you maximum stability

You will also like the string that is up to 35lbs. this kind of high string tension is perfect for advanced players.


As we know advanced players need high-quality rackets to support them well in the game that is why I am telling this racket is perfect for you.

This racket will ensure high-quality performance with its high string tension and vibration resistance however the sweet spot is kind of small in this racket

On top of that, you will even get full cover carrying bag, string, standard grip.  So you can see now why it is on the top position on the list.


  • Freaking lightweight
  • Very powerful
  • Good balance
  • Excellent for smashes
  • Delivers more accurate shots


  • Small sweet spot
  • Control may not be that well

2. YANG-YANG Professional Series

This is an all-rounder racket for advanced players. Besides that, the fun part about this racket is it uses nanotechnology. According to the advanced player’s demand for high potential rackets, this racket can meet all the needs of a player.

Highquality material

This is an excellent racket with graphite built and T-joint. Since the racket has high string tension of 32lbs the advanced players can get enough amount of power in the gameplay.

Also, the racket is very lightweight and well-balanced for you to move around easily.

Lightweight and powerful

The racket’s weight is only 86g which means it will be easier for you to move it according to you. Besides that, the shaft is pretty light too along with the well-balanced frame

As a result, you will have plenty of control and power during the match.


  • Well-balanced
  • Good built
  • Strong smashing capacity
  • Doesn’t weighs much
  • Great string tension


  • Might lack power
  • Head heavy

3. YONEX Astrox 88 D/Y

Yonex astrox is an adapting racket. Moreover, this is the best quality about the racket it makes the counterbalanced adapt to each shot and helps you to control your drive movements.


Just like Astrox 7, this racket is also very lightweight. Also, this reduces fatigue in your wrist and forearm. You will be feeling comfortable in your movements.  Moreover, you will notice the well-balanced built for better moves

Counterbalance theory

Again, like the other astrox model you feel see the counterbalance theory being used here too. The pressure is distributed around the whole net of the racket for better transitions and rapid successions.

Then we have an isometric frame that increases the sweet spot area and T-joint built.

Basically, this is like astrox 7 but better, upgraded version and a must-try.


  • Lightweight
  • Max control
  • Great at smashing
  • Smooth transition
  • All-rounder racket


  • Heavy head
  • Weak strings

4. VICTOR SPORT Thruster F

Victor thruster is an 87g weighed racket with a string tension of 26lbs. Also, being a head heavy racket with a stiff shaft, it provides the defensive players enough power for their shots.


Firstly let’s talk about performance. Well, with this racket on your side you will be able to give a banging performance.

As you will have better swing speed and great power thanks to the stiff shaft. It also maintains an overall balance.

Net area

Due to its head heavy frame, it delivers a faster and extra power on their shots. You will also have more accuracy in your shots.

Generally, you can get the best results from this racket in counter-attacks. The balance of the racket increases the accuracy and repulsion which is needed in counter-attacks.


  • Head heavy configuration
  • Sufficient power to dominate the opponent
  • Overall good performance
  • Stiff shaft
  • Good balance


  • Can feel hard
  • The shaft is too slim

5. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is good for increased amount speed. If you’re an advanced player looking for speed then this racket might be your answer.

Head acceleration

Due to its small size, this racket is a bit head heavy. Now being head heavy and having stiff shaft may have their part of benefits, but it surely does have some drawbacks too. And if you are an advanced player these types of small issues may turn out as big problems to you.


On defense subject, Yonex passed with adequate marks. To block heavy smashes on the court you need to have proper speed and with this racket, you can have it easily.

Not to mention all the tricky shots that you will be tackling with this racket as a piece of cake.

Now, this racket may have some drawbacks but at the end of the day, this is an overall good racket to try out.


  • Fast speed
  • Good for doubles
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing power
  • Great balance


  • Smaller sweet spot
  • I can’t handle too much pressure.

6. LI-NING Badminton Racket G-Force

This racket is packed with a lot of new features and is designed especially for advanced players. This will provide you 2.8% shuttle speed in the game and you will have more power.

Ultra Carbon Series

First off because of their carbon built they give rigidity. The carbon racket frame increases the rigidity as a result the frame sustains the load regaining its original shape quickly and gives players to added advantage to perform better shots.


Another amazing feature of this racket is it used super light technology. The latest materials that have been used in this racket gives it a feather-light feel. And we know the lighter the racket is, the faster you can move without being uncomfortable.

Lastly, you will get an amazing grip and mid-flex flexibility for better game play experience. On the contrary, this comes at a reasonable price though.


  • Good quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Neat swings
  • Promising performance
  • Rigid frame


  • The string quality is poor
  • A bit costly.

How to Choose a Badminton Racket

The buying guide is an important segment as it contains all the information you will be needing for before choosing something. This buying guide is no different than that.

And I tried to collect even the smallest necessary information about badminton rackets which can be useful to you while making your choice of finding the best badminton racket for you.

Here are 10 considerable points to choosing the most suitable racket for you.

  • 1. Type of Game
  • 2. Type of Player
  • 3. Balance
  • 4. Weight
  • 5. Stiffness of Shaft
  • 6. Frame Shape
  • 7. Badminton Grip
  • 8. String Tension
  • 9. Racket Material
  • 10. Budget Consideration

1. Type of Game

Before buying the racket you need to have some basic knowledge about badminton games such as the types of this game.

This game consists of two types of variations. One is single and the other one is double

a) Single:

This type of game consists of two single players playing against each other. This is like the common one that most people see. Unlike, doubles the traditional rules are more applied to the singles game.

Usually, the singles are mostly played as men vs men or woman vs woman but sometimes there can be a slight change of rules too where the game is played as men vs woman.

b) Double:

Whereas double game involves two players playing against another two players where either of them can hit the shuttle without taking turns.

The only difference that you will notice in this is in the first two shots of the rally each of the players will be taking turns to hit the shuttle.

Unlike single, this game can have a variation along with its traditional style (two men vs two men or two women vs two women) and that variation is called mix doubles or level doubles where each team featuring a man and a woman.

2. Type of Player

Just like the game has its variation the players have their variations too. A player’s playing style plays an important role in the choice of which racket will suit his/her style.

Defensive players need rackets which will help them in blocking the attacks and counter-attacks. They need rackets which will help them having a swift pace.

Whereas offensive players are all about smashing, they need rackets that are strong enough to deliver enough amount of power and force in their every shot and smash.

Here are some variations of a player’s gameplay style:

    • Striker
    • Attacker
    • Versatile
    • Defender

a) Striker:

Striker players play with technique. They have a well-organized plan in their head which they work out smoothly. They follow some technique and they have pretty fast movements.

So if you are a striker player you should go for a racket that will help you be quick in your movements.  That is why you need a racket that will be rigid and with an isometric frame that will help you be fast in your game. Also, the string tension should stay low for a striker player.

b) Attacker:

If you love to play smashes and tend to attack your opponent a lot then you are on the offensive side of playing. In such cases, you need a racket that is between dense phases and withdrawn phases.

Attackers need a light racket to cope up with these powerful shots. They need to have medium string tension along with semi rigidity and very lightweight.

c) Versatile:

Being versatile means you can play various kinds of shots and apply different kinds of techniques to your game play.

These kinds of versatile players need something that will enhance all their techniques and shots. Versatile players should go for a racket that is lightweight and semi-rigid.

Along with isometric head that will enhance their fast movements.  A racket with high string tension is a must for versatile players as they need more accuracy in their shots. Their shots need to be on point matching their playing style that is why high string tension is so important for versatile players.

d) Defender:

Unlike offensive players, defensive players need a flexible racket. A racket that will help them in blocking the attack shots.

A defender mostly plays from the midcourt area and he/she needs a racket that will be flexible enough to cope up with that strong powerful smashes from an opponent. If it doesn’t bend well, it can’t block the smashes.

That is why if you are a defender you should go for rackets that are lightweight, flexible, and has high string tension to endure and block the power attacks from the opponent.

3. Proper Balance

Balance is a critical factor to consider before choosing a racket for you. your game-play highly depends on this. It can be considered as a game-changer factor in badminton. If the balance of the racket doesn’t suit your playing style it will turn out futile to you

It means how the weight of the racket is distributed. Generally, it is defined as the point of a racket where a racket will teeter and totter on thin support without one end or the other being pulled to the ground.

There are three different types of balanced racket available:

    • Head Heavy
    • Headlight
    • Even Balance

a) Head heavy:

Head heavy rackets are the racket that has the heavier frame, for example, a 28 inches racket that has a balance point of 15 inches is considered 1 inch heady heavy.

This type of rackets supply enough power for the players who lack power. Usually, almost all lightweight rackets are head heavy rackets that generate enough mass for powerful shots.

As the racket’s most weight is distributed in its head, you will be able to hit the shuttle with more power and even from the back of the court.

For players who smashing this is their answer.

b) Headlight:

If the racket leans to the handle end more then it is a headlight racket, for example, a 27 inches racket that has a balance point of 12-1/2 inches is 1 inch can be called a head light racket.

Mostly heavy rackets are headlight rackets and they are used for easy maneuver. Moreover, headlight rackets are easier to swing and move with.

That is why double players prefer this racket more because they can move around quickly. This is good for playing close to the net so you don’t have to chase around the shuttle too far. Though it is suited for most advanced players, some novice players can try it too if they have good techniques.

c) Even balance:

A 27 inches racket with a balance point of 13-1/2 inches is 1 inch is called even balanced racket. This type of racket is the mix of both head heavy and head light rackets.

That means you will get benefits from both however the benefit will be half. To be more exact, you will have less just adequate power for smashing and just enough speed for your doubles game.

If you’re a beginner and still don’t know what your playing style is or you want to play even this is a good choice to start with.

4. Weight

The weight of a racket is one of the most major parts of the racket. Measured in grams the weight of a racket falls under a few categories they are

  1. 2U: 90-94 grams
  2. 3U: 85-89 grams
  3. 4U: 80-84 grams
  4. 5U: 75-79 grams

Heavier rackets generate more power whereas lighter rackets provide speed.

3U rackets generate more power as they have enough weight that is why single players prefer this racket more on the other hand double players prefer the 4U as it is lightweight and easy to move around with.  So they can have a quick pace using that.

Among all of these categories, 3U and 4U are the most used categories by players.

5. Stiffness of the shaft

Stiffness of the shaft is another major factor in selecting your preferable badminton racket. The stiffness means how much your shaft can bend or not

This can be easily tested by holding the racket grip with one hand and bend the racket head with the other hand. If the racket bends easily then it is a flexible racket, if it doesn’t move at all then it is a stiff racket but if it bends a little and stays stiff at the same time then its medium-stiff racket

Based on the stiffness of the shaft, rackets can be organized into four categories.

  • Flexible (Power support,  but less control)
  • Medium (Power+control to a lesser extend)
  • Stiff (Precise/accurate shots due to less bending of the shaft, but no power generation)
  • Extra stiff (Same as stiff shafts but upgraded version)

For every type of player, there is a different type of stiffness required, such as:

  • For beginners, the flexible shaft racket is most appropriate as beginners lack technicality. They don’t need to generate more power they can practice their skills with the flexible one.
  • For intermediate players, the mid-flex shaft is better. This kind of shaft creates a bridge between power and control. It gives you both at an exact level.
  • Lastly, expert players prefer the stiff and extra stiff shaft as they need more control over power alsok more precise and accurate shots.

6. Frame Shape

The shape of the frame also has a vital role in your gameplay. Mostly there are two types of frames.

    • Oval frame
    • Isometric frame

a) Oval frame:

This is the traditional and unpopular shape these days. This type of frame has a tricky sweet spot but if the shuttle lands on it you will get pretty perfect shots

Still, you need to be well skilled enough to make the most out of this frame, and this is the reason why this is so unpopular in the market these days.

b) Isometric frame:

On the other hand, isometric frames have a bigger sweet spot and it delivers more power. This is also quite easy to handle that is why it is getting famous around all the players.

7. Badminton Grip

There is no standard size for the grip of a racket, however, it is indicated with a sign G1-G5. G1 is the smallest while G5 is the biggest.

Technically if you think about it then you will know that thin grips are the best, but why is that?

Because thin grips have better flexibility. Thin grips are easier to twist and turn than thick grips. Also, it is easy to deliver power with a thin grip.

Although thick grip may seem like a drawback it surely still is appropriate for the beginners as their gameplay doesn’t require much of technique and is much safer for noob players.

There are generally three types of grips:

a) Normal grip:

This is the one that comes with your badminton

b) Overgrip:

This is the thin grip you need to get if you want more flexibility. You can use the overgrip on the normal previous grip or take off the previous grip and use this one instead.

c) Towel grip:

If you sweat a lot, then this grip is perfect for you. this grip absorbs the sweat and you feel more comfortable with it. Some even believe it has more control than overgrip.

8. String Tension

String tension may seem a small part but it has role-playing behind each shot.

There are two types of strings:

a) Lower string tension(18-23)lbs

With this string tension, you will have more power but less control. There is more “bounce/repulsion” from the strings and as a result, players get impact without using much strength of their own. I would recommend this for beginners as they don’t need more control in the first place.

b) High string tension(24-30)lbs

On the contrary high string tension allows the player more control and placement as the string bed is tight. The Player will get more accurate and precise shots with this string tension but the player also has to work hard to get powerful shots as the racket has a smaller sweet spot.

9. Racket Material

Racket material is the materials with which a racket is made. Earlier in time, people used wood to make the racket body. Now we live in modern times and constantly trying to make everything better including badminton rackets.

a) Graphite

These days graphite is being used to make the body of the badminton shaft. As they are light to carry, so they make the whole racket lightweight for easy moments.

b) Nylon

The nylon used for making the string bed. Nylon strings are cheap but strong and they are designed by a gauge number.  The thicker gauge provides control whereas thinner gauge provides powerful smashes.

10. Price

Price is a crucial matter while purchasing a racket. Many brands make rackets keeping your betterment in mind and make the best for value rackets.

While some brand just raises their cost abruptly. Always compare your budget with the racket’s price before buying anything.

Frequently Asked Questions About badminton Racket

1. How will I sure that I have picked the right one?

Answer: Hey! Don’t you know about your choice? Which one will suit you most? You have come with us to read the review of rackets. So you got a crystal clear brief of them with their various features, advantages, disadvantages, which suits on novices or experts. After reviewing that, your picked one won’t be the wrong! Just set your mind what you actually need and grab that one.

2. What are the major issues which have to consider getting a perfect badminton racket?


  • Measuring the overall weight of the racket
  • Observing the presented balancing point
  • Testing hand grip which type is suitable for you
  • Pointing out the string tension
  • Considering the head/frame shape which it seemed perfect for you
  • Observing the shaft pattern

3. What brand will serve the best racket?

Answer: We consider the Yonex as the best provider. They serve different types of rackets for novices and experts together. Yonex designed every product with the possible requirement or expectation of you. So they must be able to satisfy you.

4. Be a beginner what should I consider first, price or quality?

Answer: No worries! Yonex is providing you a quality product at a reasonable price. If you are a novice and have a limited budget, then you can look at the Yonex series. Some products are at a fair price with non-compromising quality. Here you may consider price and quality both and sometimes only keep eyes on quality or in price. Every consideration will give you any better results.

5. How can I serve power shots continuously?

Answer: Firstly, you have to sure that your badminton racket gives you easy and comfortable moves. You can easily grip and operate this tremendously. This comforting feeling will get you the more and more power shots repeatedly

Final Words

If you keep all this information in mind hopefully you will be able to choose your best badminton racket with ease. Now I know there is a lot of information to process.

I’m not asking you to choose right away. Take your time, think wisely, and then make a good purchase to make the most out of your money.

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