How To Smash in Badminton

So, you have decided to start playing badminton? Well, I appreciate your decision. Playing badminton is a great idea for both entertainment and exercise purposes. But, still, there is something that can make your badminton experience great. Smashing the shuttlecock is one of them. It can help you to earn some points though.

If you don’t know how to smash in badminton, then you must try it. In this article, I will talk about everything how you can smash in badminton.

However, basically, there are three ways how you can smash in badminton. I will talk about all the types. You may go to your suitable one.

How to smash in badminton

Jumping Smash

Keep yourself behind and under the shuttlecock:

Well, this is the thing you need to do if you want to smash by jumping. In this step, you have to get behind and under the shuttlecock fast. If you can’t do this quickly, then the shuttlecock will be too low for you to smash. While following this step, you should hold the racket in a forehand grip.

Get prepared for jumping:

After getting behind and under the shuttlecock, your next step should be preparing for jumping. While preparing for jumping, you should keep your eyes on the shuttlecock and stretch back your arm which holds the racket. At the same time, your hand which is not holding the racket should be bent and at a level with your ribs. You also need to bend your knees and lean forward a bit.

Jump into your highest point for hitting the shuttlecock:

After preparing for jumping, it’s time to make a jump. You should take a deep breath and also dive below along with your racket foot in order to make the jump. For maintaining proper balance while jumping in the air, you should stretch out your hand above your head which does not hold the racket.

Smashing the shuttle:

It’s the time for what you have been waiting for. It’s time to smash the shuttlecock. You have to swing your racket forward for hitting the shuttlecock as hard as you can. At the same time, you need to make your non-racket arm straighter and lower to your side.

Make a proper landing:

After hitting the shuttlecock, it’s time to make a landing. You should land carefully maintaining proper balance. Otherwise, you may fall down.

Forehand Smash

Get prepared:

In the very first step of forehand smash, you need to be on your toes and also prepare to back the shuttlecock immediately. You don’t know when you will get a chance to make a smash. You also need to get behind the shuttlecock quickly when the shuttlecock is about to hit the end of your court.

Follow a surefooted stance:

It is your luck if you get lots of time to hit the shuttlecock. However, in the ideal conditions, you should point your feet to your courtside. At this time, your knees should be bent slightly, feet must remain about shoulder-width apart and eyes focusing the shuttlecock.

Raise hand for hitting the shuttlecock:

This is one of the most important parts. In this step, you need to hold your racket backward. Your non-racket arm needs to be bent at the level of your elbow and also the hand should be stay similar to the chin level.

Smashing the shuttlecock:

This is the step for which you have been doing all the things. While smashing the shuttlecock, you should jump at the highest possible point. Then, hit the shuttlecock as hard as you can. At this time, your racket foot needs to be shuffled onward.

Get back to your position:

Well, after smashing the shuttlecock, although it is hard to make a reply to your smash. But, if they do, you have to make a reply. That’s why you need to be prepared always.

Backhand Smash

Take your position:

In general, the backhand smash is a bit hard to defend. So, by practicing this trick you may earn some points easily. For making a backhand smash, you need to get down and behind the shuttlecock. Then, you need to switch to a backhand grip along with pointing your body at the backside of the court. Your first movement will allow you a great smashing.

Smash and prepare for return:

Here,  your hand needs to be straight. For smashing, you should snap your wrist in a flicking motion. In this case, for avoiding gripping, you should not hold the racket tightly.