What Equipment is Needed to Play Badminton

To be honest, there are very few games that will ask you a few pieces of equipment and also less amount of space. Among them, badminton is a mentionable one. Playing badminton will not ask you for lots of equipment or a big ground. You can play badminton without having much trouble.

However, the list of equipment for playing badminton varies from player to player. If you are playing badminton for entertainment purposes, then you will need very few pieces of equipment. On the other hand, you will be needing some additional equipment than usual if you are a professional. Don’t worry. I will talk about both scenarios.

So, in this article, I will be talking about the equipment that you need for playing badminton.

Badminton Equipment List


If I make a shortlist of two pieces of equipment without which it is impossible to play badminton, then the first one will be a racket. The racket is considered as one of the most basic equipment needed for playing badminton. Usually, badminton is played between two or four players. Each player needs to have a racket.

So, if you are planning to play badminton, then you must have to get a racket. Obviously, you should go for a powerful racket if you are a professional. Otherwise, you can go for the less powerful one. Make sure that the racket’s grip is suitable for you. You will find the different sizes of grip available.

Without it, there are some certain criteria given by BWF that you need to follow while bringing a racket like the string length and width can’t be more than 27.94 cm and 20.9 cm respectively. Again, the badminton length and width should not be more than 68 cm and 23 cm respectively.


The second piece of equipment on my list without which it is not possible to play badminton is the shuttlecock. In general, the shuttlecock is a light-weight pseudo bird type equipment for badminton. It is also a must thing for playing badminton. The shuttlecock is a feathered one.

In total, there are 16 feathers bound to a cork that is covered by a leathered. As for the racket, there is a limitation in shuttlecock that its weight must not be beyond 5.50 gm and also should not be less than 4.74 gm. Once again, you should go for the quality one.

Badminton shoes and socks:

While playing badminton, you will be moving around. That’s why a good amount of pressure will be created on your forefeet. As a result, you will feel pain at night while relaxing. In this case, what can you do is bringing a pair of badminton shoes. The shoe will hold the weight of your body and also will make you feel comfortable. You will be able to make movement easier.

Without it, the chance of slipping in the court will be lessened when you have a pair of shoes. You will find a good range of shoes available in the market for using while playing badminton. You can go for your comfortable one.

On the other hand, socks also play an important role in making yourself feel comfortable. The high-quality socks will be working on absorbing sweat from your feet. You should go for  high-quality socks.

Badminton net:

Well, the badminton net is also an important piece of equipment for playing badminton. But, it is not mandatory. If you are playing for entertainment purposes, then bringing the net is not compulsory always. Whatever, if you are a professional, then you must have to arrange a badminton net.

There are also some rules and regulations while using a badminton net. While setting the badminton net, you should pay heed that it should be set 5 feet above from the ground. Anything more or less than 5 feet will not be accurate. You will see that the edge of the net is tapped white. It is done so that the actual height can be visible while playing badminton.

Badminton apparel:

Well, this one is optional but recommended. While playing badminton, it is better to use apparel. It will make you feel good and comfortable. Even it can work as your inspiration. However, if you wish to arrange apparel, then it is recommended to use cotton t-shirts instead of fabric t-shirts. Because cotton t-shirts will easily absorb the sweat without affecting your performance. You may go for either a round-necked or collard t-shirts. It totally up to you.

Headband and wristband:

This one is totally optional. You can use a headband or wristband if you feel comfortable with that. In some cases, you may be bound for using that. For example, if you have long hair and it creates a disturbance while playing, then you must have to go for the headband. You can use this for fashion purposes too. These are totally optional. Not going for these will not make any impact on your performance except in exceptional cases.