Yonex Nanoray 70 DX Badminton Racket Review

Though Yonex Nanoray 70 DX is an intermediate level bidding weapon, it will always surprise you with outstanding control and swing power. As a result, you would like to try this racket once again! It’s a head-light series of Yonex which comes with the superb internal construction of Aero framing. Let’s extract the inner and outer beauty of Nanoray 70 DX!

Important Features

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Fast/ Attacking / Offensive
  • Weight: 84grams
  • Length: 686mm
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft: High Modulus Graphite, NanoMesh, Carbon NanoTube
  • Head/frame shape: Square/ Isometric
  • Head/frame materials: High Modulus Graphite
  • Grip size: G4
  • Balance point: 4(Headlight balance)
  • String: BG-65
  • String tension: 24lbs to 30lbs


  • Fairly, the principal points of interest of the NR70DX racket are Yonex’s imaginative innovations utilized in making the racket. The isometric innovation, the Aero Frame, and the nanomesh utilized in the plan are the thing that makes the NR70DX as amazing and quick as it may be. As a result, the interest of yours to try this Nanory increases automatically.
  • Your capacity to string the racket with a tenser string than expected is another favorable position. More often than not, head-light rackets won’t deal with higher pressure strings well, however, this particular racquet will probably withstand an expansion in the strain. This will help with your capacity and control.


  • If you’re looking for a racket that is more head-overwhelming, you won’t care for this structure either.
  • When you are a beginner then go for another one racket.

Material and construction

Firstly, Yonex utilized Nanomesh and nanotube material shafting and casing the racket. This new kind of structure which gives the following advantages to the player-

  • Very Lightweight but stiff.
  • Because of lightweight, it helps in putting better drive shots.
  • Provides improved power and quality

Secondly, Yonex utilized an Isometric head shape in this racket rather than an oval shape. Isometric head shape intended to offer a comparative length of a vertical string as a level string. This new edge shape offers the following key advantages to players-

  • The isometric shape gives better head security.
  • This head shape is responsible for the augmented sweet spot by which players can put powerful shots. With this enlarged sweet spot, badminton players can hit successful shots regardless of whether transport hit askew.

And also, Yonex utilized hybrid badminton racket outline idea. In this idea, the upper side of the casing head is kept as Aero shape cross area. Air Cross-segment offers less air opposition in this way helps in better racket swing speed, better power exchange to carry. Furthermore, box type outline is utilized at lower and midways which gives better solidarity to racket outlines. With better quality, a player will feel better racket head solidness which helps great way control of transport.

Moreover, Yonex distinguished an issue and created worked in T Joint. Yonex utilized Molded profound into the layers of graphite which gives joint free area and gives an increasingly inflexible racket.

In fine, the Control top is an idea which is created by Yonex to improve the grasping of a badminton racket. The top is a section that associates the shaft with a handle. Badminton player holds the racket from handle lastly grasp it’s with a cap.


Firstly, it is very conceivable to put the shuttlecock in the base of the opponent’s court and relying upon its dimension can be a basic errand, be that as it may, contrasted with different rackets with more weight on the head, the Nanoray 70DX must apply more power in this development. Be that as it may, it is an effective racket with an abnormal state of control.

Secondly, this is a genuinely simple move to do smoothly and trick any opponent when you perform.

Hence, its Aeroframe makes the Nanoray 70DX extremely quick and has a better than expected air-cutting limit, making drop shots with a decent direction simple to do.

Furthermore, in opposition to what is normal in headlight rackets, this one in the event that you have high pressure in the strings will most likely make a raving success with a decent dimension of intensity and speed.

At last, the expected wrist movement of yours is made without real troubles and has a decent exhibition in short and quick developments as are normally required in twofold sets in a multi-drive circumstance.

Especially for whom

If you are a defender and also a hard-hitter then you will be a fan of Nanoray 70DX. It never falls down your expecting level with its performance.



Question: How much string tension does carry this racket? Is that more than 30lbs or more?

Answer: It can carry 24lbs to 30lbs string tension.

Question: Which racket is better between Nanoray 70dx and Nanoray 95dx?

Answer: Players have been using 70DX for the last 3 to 4 years. They always feel satisfied with the balance and power of its. Nanory 95dx is not too much popular like Nanory 70dx, so it’s tough to talk about Nanory 95dx.

Question: Does it suit me if I am an aggressive player?

Answer: Though Nanory 70dx is a light head badminton racket, so it’s not suitable for an aggressive player like you. Then you may try Nanory 95dx because it’s a head-heavy racket.

Question: What’s color does this racket’s string contains?

Answer: It looks Yellowish.

Should You Buy Yonex Nanoray 70 DX Badminton Racket?

To value the upsides of this mind-blowing racket, you would need to set yourself up in using light rackets without decreasing the hitting power.

When you’re prepared to twist your swings to hit the shuttlecock all the more firmly, this racket will transform into your best friend!

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