Yonex Voltric 2017 New Badminton Racket Review

Is it accurate to say that you are keen on the Voltric arrangement? Why not! You should think about the incredible exhibitions of Voltric badminton rackets. For beginners, this Yonex version concedes power and control with improved maneuver feeling.

Will you miss the open door if you get a group inside? By no means! Yonex rackets are outstanding for presenting their series with intense power, speed, and control together. Yonex Voltric 2017 New is an updated version of Yonex Voltric 5.

Yeah, it’s an updated version but not too much steep. This racket comes with upgraded attributes that assure you an extraordinary act.

Certainly, you always expect a better performance than before from any running series of products. And here, you are getting the best in new than the previous version of Yonex. So this fact makes you sure to keep the right option.

Important Features

  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: 83grams
  • Length: 675mm
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric
  • Head/frame shape: Square/Isometric
  • Head/frame materials: H.M. Graphite, Tungsten, Black Micro Core
  • Grip size: G4
  • Balance point: 8(Head heavy balance)
  • String: BG-80
  • String tension: 19lbs to 25lbs


This racket carries 83grams weight on average. It’s a package in terms of light-weight and flexible. On the other hand, it has a standard grip size which is G4. With this grip size, you will always feel comfortable to grip it.

You can swing this racket as you wish. Due to this facility, a novice finds an easy way of holding and driving. When your hand disables to serve more effort for swinging, no need to worry about that because it is made with fast swinging power.

Furthermore, it has a head-heavy balance. This is responsible for making power shots.


  • Reasonable price according to quality: This racket must deserve a better review because it carries a quality performance with a cheap price. When you are limited in budget, you can contact with this racket!
  • Consisting of exceptional materials: It contains two extraordinary materials as graphite and tungsten. This combination is responsible for light-weighting and durability.
  • It always offers you more maneuverability for your swift swinging. You are getting this facility for its light weight which helps you to make rapid responsive shots to defeat your opponents.


  • It doesn’t suit better on defender’s hand. If you are a defender then you should stay out of this racket.

Material and construction

It contains progressive Tri-Voltage technology. Regardless of whether the racket carries a heavy weight on the top, it serves your expected speed always.

It additionally includes an isometric head, another feature that you get in the other rackets. With the equivalent length from the center, the sweet spot is expanded, which gives the shot with enough vitality, regardless of whether it hits outside the focal point of the string bed.

Another motivation to cherish this racket is the vibration channel top. It decreases the shaft vibration. This does improve security, yet upgrades your easy zone too. It can successfully retain stun and limit exhaustion.

Finally, it likewise has lightweight carbon neo which is a blend of carbon fiber and resin particles, composing the heaviness of the racket insignificant without compromising its strength. This likewise improves its maneuverability.


The services of this new Yonex version are suitable and reliable for intermediate players. This racket is composited with lightweight which makes every move easy. It very well may be drowsy now and again, yet once you have aced the correct strokes, there will be no issue in initiating the shuttlecock.

One of the reasons for quality performance delivery is a torqueless frame. This frame increases stability and that’s why you get better control during shots. It decreases the air resistance which is responsible for better stability.

Clear, clear and powerful clears! All of these you are getting in one! I meant this racket permits you to deliver powerful clears with its head-heavy balance. This quality will make you pleased and confident to go with this racket in far.


Especially for whom

When you are a mid-level player who has the monetary allowance to save, in spite of the fact that this isn’t a costly item, this will settle on a decent decision for you. I am suggesting this to the individuals who are searching for a perfect mix of speed and control.

Additionally, this badminton racket performs best for individuals who might want to make forceful shots to time, particularly their crushes. With the weight focused on the top piece of the racket, it won’t come up short your barrier.


Question: Does this new Yonex version come with a full cover?

Answer: Yes dear, it always comes with the full Yonex brand cover.

Question: What weight does this racket contain?

Answer: It contains 83grams of weight.

Question: Is it suitable for an expert player?

Answer: Yes, it is mainly made for the intermediate player but an expert can go with it easily.

Question: What is the available color?

Answer: It’s white.

Question: May you let me know the tension of the racket?

Answer: Yeah, sure! The usual string tension range of this racket is in between 19lbs to 24lbs.

Question: It this racket is enough flexible?

Answer: Yes, why not! It also gives a better smash even though it has a heavy-head.

Question: Is this racket is genuine?

Answer: Yes. There is no confusion about that you must get the genuine one.

Question: Was there a gutting tight?

Answer: Yes, it is nice also.

Should You Buy Yonex Voltric 2017 New Badminton Racket?

Really! It’s true what you have heard about Yonex Voltric 2017 New.

This Yonex version is an inside and out racket that is ideal for novices and mid-level players. It is a mid-valued choice that uses huge numbers of inventive highlights that you can discover in the higher-end rackets from the Yonex. It carries a head-heavy balance and higher maneuverability.

Would like to hard-hitting? Then you can get yourself as an outstanding attacker and chase your opponent with strong smashes.

So now what say? With this new option, you may start or continue your journey to the game world.

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