Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket Review

Undoubtedly, you always expect the best when the name of Yonex cuts your attention! Because you know that Yonex never compromises with their quality. Yonex Voltric 7 is money worth series that delivers you the top-notch performance.

Yonex has launched this excellent series in 2011. It was appreciated for budget-friendly tag along with powerful performances. With an excellent combination of power and performance, this racket has won players hearts in a short time.

Maximum elegant rackets are costly. But forgetting Yonex Voltric 7, you don’t need to be conscious about the price. It comes with an affordable price and fills your expectations!

Important Features

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: 80grams to 84.9grams
  • Length: 675mm +/- 3
  • Flex: Medium Stiff
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite
  • Head/frame shape: Isometric
  • Head/frame materials: H.M. Graphite, Tungsten, and Ultra HMG
  • Grip size: It has own grip size G3, G4, G5
  • Balance point: 7(Even Balance)
  • String: BG-65
  • String tension: 20lbs to 27lbs

This badminton racket comes with its own grip size classification like G3, G4, and G5. This classification gives you effortless griping. You may face a little trouble with this but after practicing a few times you will be used to and feel the positive performance of this racket.

The nice grip pattern may not be able to present you the better performance without having lightweight. The combinations of those things deliver an extraordinary presentation.

It comes with a medium flex. A learner league player can start with this racket. He will feel enough comfortable with it.

There is no tension about the string tension! The string grips the tension which is really perfect for it.


  • Always asks a low price which is easily affordable but it never concessions with the quality and performance. So there is no issue to doubt about that since it comes with a cheap price, so it’s okay or not.
  • Furthermore, it serves fast response which is very helpful for defense. It is able to serve this performance for having lightweight.
  • The head frame is composited with an extraordinary material which makes your handling too much easy.
  • It submits equal standard performances even with a novice or an expert. Therefore you never need to think who you are! A learner or expert both can go with this racket.


  • It’s weak on string nature which isn’t good enough. You may requisite to evaluate it strung after using of a few months.
  • This racquet is a supreme choice if you are looking for a racket within a limited budget but obviously with a better performance.

Material and construction

Yonex has given us a lot of versions. Observing all of them, I find that the frame of Yonex Voltric 7 is thinned enough. This construction is responsible for its lightweight. It’s light but durable. No need to worry on that point. This light weighting feature gives you quick responsive hits.

You don’t like the rackets slipping out, right? Hey! Don’t worry about that. Because it also comes with a control support cap that provides you a perfect grip and stops slipping out of your hand. It increases your confidence to make better shots with control.

It contains T-joint, which creates a better connection between the shaft and head. It’s composited with powerful materials. Furthermore, for the design pattern of the head, the sweet spot gets itself 30% enhanced.

It’s highly flexible for the reason that permits you to make hard and power attack. If you are a hard attacker then this racket is better for you.

You never miss a shot with gripping this racket on your hand. Because of having the marvelous combination of the isometric frame and larger sweet spot, it’s too easy to attack hard.

Yonex Voltric 7 has an additional power like as decreasing torque and gripping energy. It’s really different on this point from another racket. This performance improvises stability.


Due to having a thin head, it can serve more power to the shuttlecock. Also allows you to make endless and instant power smashes.

Yonex Voltric 7 is a stable performer! And it’s offering a cheap rate from the launching time. Many cheap priced rackets behave unstably; I have already suffered on that point. But this Yonex version never compromises with accomplishment. Furthermore, it minimizes torque and absorbs energy for keeping more stable.

On the other hand, its isometric frame shape and wider sweet spot help to increase the accuracy of the shot.

Its versatility increases the performance level. The full swinging capability works for instant response.

You have already sure about of this racket’s light-weighing. So you can make a power smash without giving more effort. Again, it makes your control sense high and swings the racket properly without tiring the wrist.

Especially for whom

The Yonex Voltric 7 is a perfect option for that player who is seeking for a budget-friendly racket but also with the best quality. Because of being light, you don’t need to give much effort even if you want to make power shots.

If you are a hard attacker, you can try this. You can serve continuous hard attacks on the opponent with this racket. It never gives the chance to the racket for tiring your wrist after heavy attacking continuously.


Question: Is Voltric 7 an advanced player racket?

Answer: No, it’s not. It’s an intermediate-level player racket. But an expert player can also use it.

Because it can give you effective and power smashes.

Question: Does it come with BG-66 strings or brand strings?

Answer: It comes with company string but you can change the string to BG-66.

Question: Where is the racket made?

Answer: It’s an innovation in Japan.

Question: Is it performs well for the intermediate players?

Answer: Yes, if you are an intermediate player. Let grab it and start playing. It’s really for you.

Question: Which is the best for smashing? Is it voltric or arcsaber?

Answer: Votric is better for smashing than arcsaber.

Question: Does this Yonex series come with strings fitted?

Answer: Yes, it comes with strings fitted.


When it’s the time to make sure your choice, you always consider few things as like speed, power, control, and price. If you are a mid-budget racket seeker then take a glance on this racket.

Voltric 7 is a version with the perfect combination of better quality, construction, and performance. It asks a very low price in spite of being a high-end series of Yonex.

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