Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Badminton Racket Review

Everything can’t touch your heart! Like that every Yonex version may not be able to leave a love sign in your heart as well! With outstanding performance, Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 can percept you the feeling. Now, you are too much curious to know about this racket, right? Let’s go and get it!

It’s a perfect updated alternative to Yonex Voltric Z. It’s constructed with top-notch quality attributes. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 was launched in 2014. A remarkable player named Lee Chong Wei preferred this racket as his weapon and won the game that year. It marked its position through his victory. It’s a heavy-racket that can be moved better by an advanced-level player. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Review

Important Features

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: 83grams and 88grams
  • Length: 675mm
  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Shaft: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, EX-HMG, Nanometric
  • Head/frame shape: Square/Isometric/unique smaller
  • Head/frame materials: High Modulus (HM) Graphite, Sound Filter, NANOMETRIC, Tungsten
  • Grip size: G4, G5
  • Balance point: Head Heavy Balance
  • String: BG-80
  • String tension: 20lbs to 28lbs

Yes, I am Yonex Voltric Z Force 2. You will be found with light and heavyweight such as 83 grams and 88 grams. Both versions contain typical classified grip like G4 and G5 for Yonex series.

This racket is suggested to fix with 20lbs to 28lbs string tension. This string tension suits enough on that generic version you already have.

You have already known that it’s a head-heavy badminton racket. It has extra stiff flex, which makes you comfortable to make moves.

that it’s a head-heavy badminton racket. It has extra stiff flex, which makes you comfortable to make moves.


  • Ultra-quick Swings: It’s too much user-friendly because of construction. It gives you an ultra-quick response in every swing. Every player must want this more and more that increase the probability of winning.
  • Solid smashing power: Hard smashing is possible when Yonex Arcsaber 11 is in your hand. It provides you with tremendous solid smash in every shot.
  • Heavy head: Having this heavy head, it’s able to serve you hard-hitting.
  • Light-weight: If you are a novice, you will definitely like the feature of light-weighting. It can present you the feel and make the moves easy. It increases the defeating power because of light-weight.
  • Long shaft and grip: It has a long shaft and grip which is not easily breakable.


  • Response time: Smashing control can be uncertain at the time of fast response.
  • Price: It’s a little bit expensive. It’s not suitable for those who are seeking an alternative within the fair price.

Material and construction

The ultra-stiff shaft and aerodynamic head composition permit the shuttlecock to make powerful shots, decreasing deposition of the shuttlecock. Nanometric technology drives you ultra-aerodynamic shaft which is responsible for such type of faster shots.

It makes a powerful sound during the period of smashing which creates a positive impact on the player for making the next shot more effective.

T-joint keeps the racket more durable and strong. This joint is built through a connection from shaft to the graphite layers of the frame.

In that case, you need to appreciate amazing shock assimilation, more power, and speed; the Voltric Z Force 2 can afford you that.

Tri-voltage system permits you to make power smashes more and more with quick swinging. It is another feature for submitting such type of rapid shots.

A combined composition of the tri-voltage system and Tungsten Infused Grommet, present you superb and accurate power. Also, hold the shuttlecock on the frame for longer, so you will be able to feel the taste of more power and better precision.

The aerodynamic frame keeps everything exclusive the frame so that you get the permit for cutting through the air too much tremendously. It gives you excellent power, extreme flexibility, and stunning speed.


Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is always preferred by the players for its high-quality speed and power. With the weight, it may get you a heavy feel but surely submits a fast response. This racket really contains a tough combination of quality speed and power. These two characteristics are rare in parallel for a racket.

The maximum time you will get the experience of instant smashing power. You may hold the shuttle on the head for a long. And you will be able to serve more energy.

You can establish yourself as a better defender with this one. Wonderful flexibility permits the badminton racket to back rapidly. You will be able to prove that you are the owner of an energetic wrist.

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 gives you an outstanding performance of net playing by its superb power and speed. Adding a new experience during the time of net smashing and killing will be proven of perfect accuracy.

Who doesn’t love to get exceptional drive shots? It knows your expectation and gives you more exceptional shots than another light-weight racket.

Especially for whom

Occasional players always would like to take advanced racket so that there won’t have any chances of losing a game. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 will be the perfect choice of them.

Again, if you are a beginner to the game, just trying or adjusting yourself with the weapon, you take rehearse with this racket. I think it will make you be prepared for the game.

Would you like to make hard smashes? With this aggressiveness and Yonex Voltric Z Force, 2 can dish up the feeling of hard smashing on your plate! If you are a fast swinger, no problem, it will support you to control the speed as well.


Can I change the string if needed? And then will you provide the string?

Ans: First of all, Yonex provides you with enough strong strings; you may need not to change it. Again you feel needed then surely will get the strings.

Will I get all of the performances from it as an explanation?

Ans: No doubt! Definitely, you will get the services as our review. We are here for notifying you to make your choosing step be easy.


Yes, there is no problem even if you are an advanced player! The Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is made for you. Though you are an expert, must be a lover of hard-hitting! Its heavy-head composition gives you more power to deliver powerful shots.

I have no doubt about its world-class performances. I guess, after review, you don’t have any suspicion over this Yonex series.

It asks for a grand price. Is it a big issue, when you are getting the best performances from this one as you expect? With its features, advantages, and performances, really the price is cheap enough!

Do you get your expected one? No reason for getting late! Try this racket and get yourself as a winner!

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